Institutional construction

Institutional construction and refurbishment is all about delivering efficiency. Efficiency in energy and water use, in user functionality, and most important, in how public tax dollars are spent. Vergo is proud to have delivered successful institutional projects that delivered positive results on all counts.

Serving organizations, building communities

Vergo has faced a diversity of challenges in institutional construction that has only made us a better builder. From the education sector, where we’ve built labs and libraries, to our work for social and community organizations, we’ve demonstrated the ability deliver high quality edifices on time and within budget.

Discover our expertise in institutional construction:

  • School establishments

Many schools, academies, colleges, universities, institutes, day schools and educational centres are recognised for the quality of their teaching. However, they live in buildings that are sometimes more than 100 years old or obsolete, which no longer meet the standards of the current building code.

In these cases, Vergo can therefore take care of all types of renovation work. Staff safety requires work that meets many standards, such as the width of corridors, stairs or emergency exits.

Our team of experts is able to accompany you every step of the way in your renovation project. An official partner of feep, Vergo has more than hundreds of major school projects to its credit.


  • Scientific and technological laboratories

The major educational institutions owe their reputation in large part to the quality of the equipment found in the laboratory and their way of promoting the development of students by facilitating their learning.

Vergo has the necessary knowledge to design any type of laboratory, whether scientific, physics, chemistry, biology, technology or computer science, as well as related facilities such as: modification of counters, product storage room, shower eyes, dilution basins, a gas distribution system, ventilation hoods, a dispatcher room.


  • Library

The library is a place of high knowledge, which requires the greatest precautions during its construction. First, the foundation of the library must be strong enough to support the weight of all the shelves full of books.

Also, the walls, ceilings and floors of the library must guarantee maximum soundproofing to prevent outside noise from interfering with the concentration of readers or researchers leafing through various works.

Finally, a place where so much paper is piled up, requires a very efficient fire prevention system in order to guarantee maximum safety for the occupants of the library while preventing the collections from being damaged in the event of a glitch. It is in the smallest details that we distinguish the quality. Vergo leaves nothing to chance and can create library of all sizes that can adapt to all budgets.


  • Social and Communauty

Vergo has been involved in social and community projects for several years. Expansion, renovation, new construction, management or turnkey, the choice is yours. A particular phenomenon in this sphere of activity: most of these organizations are non-profit and therefore operate on limited budgets. Vergo is used to: tell us how much you want to invest and we’ll offer you a tailor-made project.


  • Daycare

Over the years, Vergo has carried out several projects to build a daycare centre and early childhood centre (ECC) in existing buildings or new ones. The design and construction of a daycare requires compliance not only with the building code, but also with existing government regulations. The world of child care has its own laws: contact our team of experts!