Medical and pharmaceutical construction

The medical and pharmaceutical sector presents a broad range of building challenges, from the stringent technological requirements in operating blocks to the specialized interiors that drive retail sales. Vergo has the breadth of experience to make your project and its particular requirements a resounding success.


The picture of health

Our portfolio includes numerous medical clinic builds and refurbishments, specialized clinics for dentistry, surgery, dermatology, physiotherapy, radiology, pediatric and veterinary services, as well as sophisticated operating blocks and medical labs with specific technological requirements. We are also a premier builder of pharmacies for major brands such as Pharmaprix, Jean Coutu, Brunet, Familiprix and Uniprix.

Discover our expertise in medical and pharmaceutical constructions:

  • Medical clinic

Vergo is able to carry out any type of medical clinic. In order to ensure maximum logistics, which will facilitate the work of the staff while providing a friendly and warm environment for a clientele that often needs it.

Our projects include the management of all the elements that surround the construction of medical clinic. These include laboratories, ventilation systems and doctors’ offices, as well as waiting rooms and playrooms for children. We also bring our expertise to the decoration.


  • Specialized clinic

The health sector is large and the needs can vary considerably from one type of clinic to another. Vergo understood this reality. This is the reason for the great flexibility we demonstrate in a clinic project of different specialties.

Whether it’s relocation, landscaping, space rental, catering or construction, we are therefore able to provide you with a customized solution that will meet your requirements and your budget.


  • Veterinarian clinic

We can assist you in the preliminary stages of developing your construction projects, whether for a shelter, a clinic or a hospital. Our expertise and specialized partners, often in the healthcare community, will make your project a success.


  • Operating unit

In the health niche where Vergo also excels, we are able to design an operating theatre of all sizes. An operating theatre must be designed with maximum rigour as it is the site of the most delicate surgical procedures using devices often at the cutting edge of technology.

Vergo can build your operating theatre which, if well maintained, will maintain a minimum level of contamination and provide a healthy environment for medical staff and, above all, patients.


  • Medical laboratory

Laboratory construction requires specialized expertise for technical building and in-depth knowledge of the safety and hygiene standards. Vergo has this expertise.

Many multinationals in the pharmaceutical and medical industry have already trusted us to carry out their laboratory construction project.


  • Pharmacy

In the healthcare sector, in addition to specializing in all types of clinics, Vergo is also very present on the retail side with its many pharmacy achievements.

The result is sumptuous pharmacies that help increase our partners’ revenue through cutting-edge designs that maximize the customer experience.