Food-processing Facilities

Throughout the supply chain all the way to the consumer’s table, the food-processing sector requires infrastructure that conforms to very strict standards for cleanliness, traceability and more. Vergo’s experience in the field has helped companies design and build facilities that surpass their expectations on all these important measures.

From farm to table

In the grocery sector, Vergo has successfully completed a large number of full-sized stores and distribution centres for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Metro, IGA, and Super C. In food services, Vergo has delivered a number of projects in both the quick-serve and full-service segments.

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  • Food market
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  • Grocery store/ Food market / Supermarket

Vergo is a very active company in the agri-food sector, as evidenced by its many achievements on the supermarket and grocery side. Whether it’s expanding, renovating or building a food market, Vergo guarantees fast and efficient work.

In the case of expansion or renovation projects, the Vergo team is able to guarantee access to shops at all times. As a result, we ensure that the industry’s highest safety standards are rigorously enforced.

Employees and customers can therefore have access to food markets for the duration of the work. Cleanliness, hygiene and safety standards are respected through the procedures put in place. Examples include dust protection, negative pressure in work areas, night work, HACCP compliance, specialized equipment and tools.

  • Restaurants

Vergo has earned a solid reputation for excellence by masterfully carrying out several projects in the restaurant sector across Quebec.

Thanks to the knowledge of its dynamic team, which can design custom restaurants in the most complete respect of the requirements of its customers, the company also stands out in the realization of restaurants that are part of well-known chains such as Benny-Co., A-W.