Experience our Strength

At Vergo we can provide total, turnkey service or work with the sub-contractors and suppliers of your choice to create a formidable construction team. We help the new partners to act in concert and focus on the timely delivery of a quality product using the latest and most innovative techniques, materials and processes. Whatever project we embark on, we assume the burden of construction management, freeing our clients to attend to other matters.


Experience that saves you time and money

Over the years, we’ve done every type of build a hundred times over. And in the rare case where we haven’t seen a particular kind of project before, we rely on our wealth of experience to adapt our processes and keep the work flowing. So, no matter what you are building, with Vergo you can expect overall smoothness of execution, the ability to troubleshoot proactively and significant time savings that reduce costs and guarantee timely handover.

Building the future

For 30 years, we’ve grown to see ourselves as more than just a construction company. We’re builders and contributors to the economic strength and well-being of the communities we serve. Our list of accomplishments includes over 1,500 high density residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and retail projects nationwide, which makes us significant employers and contributors to the economy. We are builders of quality of life and healthy, thriving communities, all matters of great pride for a homegrown company like Vergo.

The highest standards for the smallest footprints

Vergo is a leader in sustainable construction and green building solutions and a proud member of the Canadian Green Building Council. Our goal is to build-in energy efficiency without losing site of cost effectiveness, whether we are overseeing construction of a green roof, geothermal installation, heat recovery capability or a solar energy system.

Built on teamwork, founded on values

Vergo was founded in 1993 and has now been chaired by Yves Ducharme since 2011. Over the years we’ve welcomed many seasoned builders, designers and project managers to our team. Together we’ve built an impressive project portfolio and a reputation as a construction powerhouse in Quebec – one founded on integrity, honesty, transparency, the respect for our environment and the well-being of our workers.