Total team commitment

vergo-Target Zero

With 30 years of construction, our greatest achievement is undoubtedly our reputation as an employer respectful of workers and concerned for their well-being. Each of the Vergo projects is subject to the highest occupational health and safety standards. We pay particular attention to preventing accidents and achieving the “zero accident, zero incident” target.

We demand the same commitment to health, safety and the environment from all our workers. We believe that only a concerted effort by the entire team can make progress on workplace health and safety. Assuming that 100% of accidents are preventable, we have set the following objectives:

      • Follow the rules to save lives;
      • Meet the requirements of the Health, Safety and Environment Act and the Health, Safety and Environment Regulations;
      • Apply the Safety Code for construction work;
      • Meeting the requirements and achieving our customers’ goals;
      • Promote and encourage the security component in all aspects of project implementation;
      • Provide control, training and inspection programs to ensure compliance with all of our activities;
      • Promote prompt return to work following injury in the form of temporary assignments;
      • Make everyone responsible for respecting our prevention program, regardless of their position.