Shopping Centre – Saint-Canut

Centre commercial - Saint-Canut Centre commercial - Saint-Canut Centre commercial - Saint-Canut Centre commercial - Saint-Canut
Commercial, Shopping center
About This Project

Le Blainvillois Supermarket Inc. has commissioned Vergo to build a shopping centre for the municipality of Saint-Canut. From the very beginning, Vergo was involved in the design and execution of the commercial project, including the development for different tenants.


Customer: Le Blainvillois Supermarket Inc.

Contact details: 13900 CH. St-Simon, Mirabel, St-Canut (QC) J7N 1P3

Project: Completed

Contract type: Cost plus

Value: $6.5M

Years of achievement: 2005 – 2006



Building for business

In the highly competitive real estate sector, commercial construction poses particularly challenging time and cost challenges. With hundreds of commercial achievements to our credit, we have demonstrated our ability to meet these challenges.
Vergo has extensive experience in the construction, conversion and renovation of shopping malls, retail stores, office space and commercial condos. We have successfully delivered many projects that meet the expectations of a diverse customer base while minimizing operational disruptions.

The nerve of the war in retail: sales! The renovation of a shopping centre can therefore lead to delays in opening or reopening, resulting in lost sales. As a result, Vergo has developed a solid expertise in the construction or renovation of shopping malls. Our strength: to coordinate several users/tenants to reduce wasted time during renovations or to speed up the opening of shops. Either way, your sales will be better!

 For more than 25 years, Vergo has applied robust construction expertise to each project. Our team has a passion for quality and a commitment to satisfying customers across Canada.