Vaudreuil Commercial Condos 1 – 2 – Vaudreuil-Dorion

Vergo - Condos commerciaux 1 & 2 - Vaudreuil
Commercial, Commercial condos
About This Project

Vergo's mandate was to design and deliver commercial condos to v Vaudreuil-Dorion. Vergo was involved in the assembly of two properties totalling 32,000 square feet, executed in two distinct phases. In addition, the company provided the construction services required by various owner-occupiers, ranging from real estate broker to pool seller, through a dentist's office, to name a few.


Customer: 9048 2055 Quebec Inc.

Contact details: 17-21 blvd. City of Youth, Vaudreuil-Dorion (QC)

Project: Completed

Contract type: Design Construction

Value: $6M

Years of achievement: 2012 – 2013



Building for business

In the highly competitive real estate sector, commercial construction poses particularly challenging time and cost challenges. With hundreds of commercial achievements to our credit, we have demonstrated our ability to meet these challenges.

Vergo has extensive experience in the construction, conversion and renovation of shopping malls, retail stores, office space and commercial condos. We have successfully delivered many projects that meet the expectations of a diverse customer base while minimizing operational disruptions.

Do as many entrepreneurs and investors, who have chosen to entrust their commercial construction project to the company Vergo.  You will be assured that you can count on the informed advice of experts, who will guide you towards a personalized solution.  Vergo professionals will accompany you and advise you throughout your construction project according to your activity and your financial means. Our goal is to affect as little as possible the continuity of your operations. We therefore follow rigorous processes and respect high standards. This reduces costs and gets you through the action faster. The quality of the customer experience is the hallmark of a Vergo building.

Vergo has developed a range of specialized services related to the construction of commercial and industrial condos: construction, relocation, development, restoration, rental and sale of commercial and industrial condos.
Vergo's services are known to rigorously meet the most advanced requirements previously defined by a diverse clientele. 

 For more than 25 years, Vergo has applied robust construction expertise to each project. Our team has a passion for quality and a commitment to satisfying customers across Canada.