TAZ Sports Center – Montreal

Vergo - Le Taz - Montréal
Geothermal / Canadian well, Green roofs, Sports and Leisure, Sports complex, Sustainable building
About This Project

TAZ is one of Canada's largest indoor sports centres (86,000 square feet). It is dedicated to skateboarding, BMX and in-line skating. This green building was built in a sustainable way, fully integrated with the Complex's environmental vocation, with Canadian wells and green roofs. It is a 40-foot-high "Design Build" steel construction, forming two main spaces: the Roulodôme and the Skatepark. The centre has 80 modules, a BMX area, a beginner's corner, a 200-metre in-line skating track, a roller hockey rink and a mezzanine. There is also a gymnasium, a reception room and a multimedia space as well as an outdoor skatepark arranged as needed in preparation for international competitions.


Customer: City of Montreal


Contact: 8931 Papineau Avenue, Montreal (QC) H2M 0A5

Project: Completed

Contract type: Design Construction

Value: $7.8M

Year of achievement: 2008


On your marks, ready, go

Sports and cultural facilities often have a unique design and many features that complicate construction. Vergo has acquired a special experience in this sector, which allows it to meet the requirements of its customers.

Vergo's achievements in the sports and leisure sector include arenas, Olympic and therapeutic pools, gymnasiums, sports fields, recreation centres and performance halls equipped with the latest technology. In particular, we built the Taz, an 86,000-square-foot Montreal complex dedicated to skateboarding, BMX and in-line skating.

The construction of a sports complex is one of Vergo's specialties. We are proud to put our experience and know-how at the service of projects of social and environmental significance. The construction of a sports complex as we design it must meet the expectations of investors and users in terms of profitability, safety and flexibility.

Our recent plans to build a sports complex, such as TAZ, Canada's flag bearer at the 2010 Shanghai World's Fair, address all of these issues.

For more than 25 years, Vergo has applied robust expertise to each project. Our team has a passion for quality and a commitment to satisfying our customers in Quebec and Ontario, as well as across Canada.