Condos La Catherine – Montreal

Vergo - Condo La Catherine - Montréal
Co-ownership building, High Density Residential construction
About This Project

The Gabriel Group has more than 30 years of experience in various commercial and residential projects. The group commissioned Vergo to build a 16-storey residential condo building in the heart of downtown Montreal. This residential condo building includes indoor parking, a swimming pool and an indoor courtyard. The project includes 100 condos with an area of 323,000 square feet.


Customer: 8624852 Canada Inc. –

Contact: 2136 Ste-Catherine Street West, Montreal, Quebec

Project: Completed

Contract type: Package

Value: $24.5M

Area: 323,000 square feet

Years of achievement: 2015 – 2017


Built to live

Residential construction has boomed in Canada, especially in large cities where prices continue to rise. But the overheating of the market has its share of problems. Vergo is committed to delivering high-quality accommodation that offers comfort and peace of mind to their occupants for many years to come.

Vergo has been involved in the construction of rental apartment towers, condominiums and luxury residences for seniors. Regardless of the size of the project, our goal is to provide an exceptional quality of life for occupants while ensuring operational profitability.

Residential building construction is a booming sector in Canada. This enthusiasm reflects the current needs of the population, who therefore want to live close to services. The residential condos built by Vergo are a guarantee of quality. They are delivered on a schedule based on best project management practices. Vergo is a competent and superior general contractor.

For more than 25 years, Vergo has applied robust construction expertise to each project. Our team has a passion for quality and a commitment to satisfying customers across Canada.