La Tohu Theatre – Montreal

Vergo - La TOHU - Montréal
Concert hall / Theater, Geothermal / Canadian well, Green roofs, Solar energy, Solar walls, Sports and Leisure, Sustainable building
About This Project

To regulate the interior temperature of the Pavilion, the Tohu uses passive geothermal energy, which involves introducing the outside air underground, at a depth of two meters into an underground duct, and then bringing it into the building. The geothermal wells of the Tohu are 60 meters long. This distance allows the air to be preheated or pre-cooled by about 7 degrees Celsius, depending on the season. Construction Vergo is a proud partner of the project.


Customer: Tohu

Contact: 2345 Jarry Street East, Montreal, Quebec

Project: Completed

Year of achievement: 2004


On your marks, ready, go

Sports and cultural facilities often have a unique design and many features that complicate construction. Vergo has acquired a special experience in this sector, which allows it to meet the requirements of its customers.

Vergo's achievements in the sports and leisure sector include arenas, Olympic and therapeutic pools, gymnasiums, sports fields, recreation centres and performance halls equipped with the latest technology. In particular, we built the Taz, an 86,000-square-foot Montreal complex dedicated to skateboarding, BMX and in-line skating.

A good theatre, concert or theatre is based on equipment and a design that maximizes the experience of artists and spectators parading through its walls.

Vergo's cutting-out expertise in acoustics allows for optimal sound control and diffusion. This requires a judicious choice of perfectly adapted materials and specific dimensions. The sound vibrations are then properly directed and pleasing to the ear. The quality of the sound and the seats that furnish the showroom built by Vergo will delight the artists and their audiences.

For more than 25 years, Vergo has applied robust expertise to each project. Our team has a passion for quality and a commitment to satisfying customers across Canada.