Commercial developments

Vergo: a high-end retail expert who carries out your projects from support to delivery of a high-quality finished product.

We work in an integrated way and can meet your needs in the following areas:

From idea to marketing.

Specializing in high-end retail, Construction Vergo’s commercial development division combines the know-how of a craft workshop with the power of a construction giant.  The result: commercial shops with irresistible appeal, built with care and discipline.

More than a space, an experience.

Your store is more than just a commercial space.  It must offer a unique experience that reflects your brand, seduces your customers and inspires your staff.  Our expertise of more than 25 years of construction in the commercial and retail sectors has taught us to always focus on design and to pay attention to details and finishes that create real added value.

In time. In the budget. It’s all over the place.

Flagship stores, showrooms, boutiques, development of new concepts: Vergo, commercial development division, applies to each construction or renovation project a robust expertise and a keen sense of design. Our team has a passion for quality and a commitment to satisfying its retail customers in Quebec and Ontario, as well as across the country.

Our commercial development achievements

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