Our business

Mission and goals

Our mission is to meet all our clients’ needs when it comes to building, expanding, renovating and designing layouts for their organisations.

In carrying out your industrial, commercial or institutional construction projects, all you need is Construction Vergo’s top quality services.

Construction Vergo’s dynamic approach is reflected in all steps of our projects, from preliminary conception plans to after-sales service, from budget follow-ups to respect of established calendars. It is also guaranteed that all is done according to the highest quality standards. Our clients’ invariable satisfaction is the proof that our approach is efficient and adapted to current needs in the industry. Our intervention services are offered 24/7, everywhere in the province of Québec.

Construction Vergo highly values the knowledge and expertise of their design team:

  • integration of the latest architectural trends
  • use of higher-quality products
  • respect of the environment
  • importance given to energy efficiency

Construction Vergo, the contractor who can help you make your expansion projects come to life!

Our History

Construction Vergo was established in 1993 by Claude and Jocelyn Huot, active team members to this day. Through the years, many other construction specialists have joined the team, resulting in the completion of over 400 large-scale projects in the industrial, commercial (retail centers and supermarkets), educational, sports, leisure and municipal sectors.

Since its very beginnings, Construction Vergo distances itself from competition thanks to strong integrity qualities and close trust relationships with clients. We believe in:

  • reliability
  • professionalism
  • guaranteed project realization
  • calendar and budget respect

Several options and services are available in order to ensure budget balance:

  • turn-key projects
  • design-building
  • project management
  • construction management
  • stipulated price
  • guaranteed maximum price (GMP)

Our offer

Our team works closely with our customers and according to their specific needs, because our goal is the same as theirs: achieving development and growth. Depending on the nature of your needs, Construction Vergo offers:

  • expert advice
  • practical and economical solutions
  • on-schedule completion
  • process alternatives
  • a comprehensive study of your project with our experts
  • advantageous financing options
  • future needs planification